Chief Financial Officer, Major NYC Cultural Institution

I have never met an individual as perceptive as Joan.  I received extremely valuable advice from Joan.  In our work together, I learned a great deal and honed in on personal and professional areas of growth that corresponded with my personality and interests.  Joan empowered me to more proactive and grow my leadership success.

Chief Human Resources Officer, Media Marketing Company

I have worked with Joan for over 15 years.  As an HR leader in the tech sector, Joan is my first go-to consultant when it comes to executive coaching, organizational development or just an overall sounding board.  She brings a depth of leadership experience with strong brands as well as the ability to balance individual, team and organizational dynamics.  Her style is refreshing and direct, and she guides you in creating a holistic perspective and a concrete plan of action.

Senior Vice President, International Software Company

Joan has a unique combination of skills that make her an exceptional coach.  She balances her experience and business acumen with her understanding of the corporate environment and her compassion for the individual.  She helped me design and implement a personal development plan that has greatly increased my personal and professional satisfaction and confidence.

CEO and Startup Founder

I was feeling stuck and somewhat unsure of where to go with my career.  Joan helped me identify areas for growth and opportunities for success.  With Joan’s guidance, my leadership skills improved a great deal and I was able to thrive successfully in a fast-paced and dynamic start-up environment.

District Manager, Communications Management Company

Joan was instrumental in helping me grow both personally and professionally.  With her guidance, I learned how to be more effective in my interactions –  which has led to a greater satisfaction at work and better career opportunities.  I highly recommend hiring Joan as a coach for yourself as well as your high potential employees.   

Senior Vice President, Digital Media Group

Joan has been an invaluable resource for me.  She has helped me successfully navigate transitions and take my career to the next level.  With her coaching, I was able to take a step back from nuanced and complicated corporate situations and approach them with confidence and poise.  The framework Joan has provided is a foundation that will continue to serve me well no matter where the path takes me in the future.