Executive Coaching & Career Development

I work confidentially with clients to increase leadership effectiveness and create successful career outcomes.  I provide critical guidance to address strategic, operational and leadership challenges.  My approach cultivates client strengths, identifies behaviors, improves communication, and sharpens leadership and organizational skills so executives can navigate their current role and successfully move to the next level.

Organizational & Leadership Development

I work with organizations to define and build a culture that aligns with its vision, creating a company that can thrive and evolve.  With over 20 years of experience as an HR professional, I have built and led high performance teams, and can help chart the best course for companies and their employees.  I use a broad range of tools and a creative approach to maximize leadership and organizational effectiveness.


To be successful, companies need strong values, effective leaders and motivated teams.  I deeply understand the challenges leaders face in a broad range of corporate structures and cultures, and have worked with clients in many industries including non-profits, financial services, consumer products, technology and biotech.  My coaching is customized to each unique situation, and includes confidential guidance, feedback, accountability and a no-nonsense approach to create lasting change.  Not only do my clients become more powerful leaders, they also see marked improvement in their attitude, communication skills and relationships, as it is all interconnected.


A well known coach for over 10 years in Silicon Valley and the San Francisco Bay area, Joan has coached executives at Apple, Electronic Arts, eBay, PayPal, Genentech, Sun Power, Silicon Valley Financial, Salesforce, Rodan+Fields, and Yahoo.  Joan also enjoys her work with mission-driven none-profit organizations such as the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, Girl Scouts of Northern California, Bridge Housing, and THX Best Practices Laboratory for Windows Media.

Joan is passionate about helping leaders scale and transform their organizations.  Through a customized and insightful coaching process, Joan helps senior executives create powerful leadership skills, improve communication styles, and maximize business effectiveness in rapid change environments.

Joan leverages over 20 years of experience in global HR management at Fortune 100 companies.  She deeply understands the challenges leaders face in a broad range of corporate structures and cultures, and helps clients chart the best course to accomplish their goals and and accelerate career advancement.

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